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Custom Tailored Projects

ADG understands all too well, that the money you invest into your Air, Vacuum, Nitrogen or Processed Water System is no joke! We take the necessary time and approach to custom tailor a site specific design which centers in on your unique business. Getting it right the first time is of key essence, since down-time is Not an option. Here are some way how ADG can assist in engineering and design.

  • Site Surveys and Detailed Audits
  • System Designs
  • 3D Conceptual Renderings
  • Take-off and Layout
  • Material List Generation (BOM)
  • Implementation Walk-throughs
  • Equipment Rooms and Pads
  • Equipment Ventilation and Ducting
  • Specialty Clean Rooms


With over 14 years of experience in the industry, ADG also offers in-house installation services. Whether it’s a simple equipment installation or a full turn-key building add-on package, we have what it takes to get it done. On the other hand, for those who like to self perform – we totally understand. We have experienced project managers standing by to train or guide your personnel in assembly and procedures. Below are just a few key areas where ADG provides some additional solutions.

  • Material Supply and Delivery
  • Equipment Layout, Setting and Installation
  • System Startup and Commissioning
  • Complete Main Piping and Drops¬†
  • Steel Building Erection
  • Fencing and Perimeter Security
  • Project Management
  • Assembly Training
  • Piping Insulation

Products & Sales

Besides engineering and installing complete piping systems, ADG is also a Master Distributor for several Top Brand aluminum products. We provide additional support, hardware and/or accessories that are crucial to project completion. Here’s some of the most basic items.

  • Piping
  • Valves
  • Unions & Couplings
  • Elbows (90’s)
  • Tees & Taps
  • Male Adapters & Sockets
  • Reducing Unions
  • Support Brackets & Clips
  • Accessories & More


Simply put…

You provide an idea and we make it a reality.

Blueprint Overlay

With a handy blueprint, we are able to design a 3D system allowing you to envision exactly what the end results will look like.

Equipment Layout

Stop all the guess work!
We’ll provide equipment layout and positioning, including all piping and valves – enabling visual comprehension.

Expansion Perceptions

Crowded on space? Visualize how additional equipment rooms will appear. You can start with bare minimum needs while keeping company growth in mind.