ADG History



ADG Concepts started in the Hospitality industry undertaking Hotel Renovations. During this time ADG also executed GC projects in schools, hospitals, and institutions.



ADG Concepts developed their Design Services to include MEP Systems for large commercial and industrial facilities.


ADG introduced the Design feature into their construction projects. Following the successful completion of multiple projects, the direction became to concentrate on “Design+Build” projects going forward.



ADG refocused to only design and install Turnkey Solutions for Compressed Air, Vacuum, and Nitrogen systems.

OUR Mission

Support. Lead.

To support Engineers, Contractors,
and End Users with turnkey design of compressed air, vacuum, and nitrogen systems.
To become the market leader in compressed air design solutions as well as a strategic partner to our clients.


Commercial Property Management Firms
Architects and Engineers
General Contractors
Mechanical, Plumbing and Millwright Contractors
Manufacturers and OEMs
End Users (Production, Manufacturing, Medical Institutions)


Design. Optimize. Increase ROI.

To design Compressed Air, Vacuum, and Nitrogen systems that are optimized to utilize 100% of the equipment’s capability while reducing direct and indirect costs of compressed air system operation, increasing customers’ ROI.

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Our COMPLETE Solution


Drawing analysis to validate the accuracy and functionality of a new proposed system design. Is it suitable to serve the needs of the customer?

Air Audits of existing air systems to establish if they’re working as designed and at optimal performance.

Determine if the system is contributing to premature equipment failure, production down time, and/or increased service & maintenance costs.

3-D design and project visualization: ADG’s 3D drawings include any other equipment at the Client’s facility and assists with Clash Detection.

This benefit provides value for the Client to perceive the entire compressed air system and how all pieces of equipment integrate. This in turn allows them to optimize their equipment layout before a great deal of money is misused on improper installations.


NEW Turnkey System Designs for new facilities or replacements of existing compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen systems. We consider the machinery being serviced with compressed air (demand), as well as the compressed air equipment being indicated by the manufacturer/ engineer/ end user (supply).

Once an Existing Systems Audit has determined that it’s not meeting the requirements at the Client’s facility, ADG will redesign the system to eliminate the causes of failure and propose an enhanced system design to address all concerns.

ADG’s design team can provide Equipment Specifications of compressed air (as well as all supporting equipment), to meet the Client’s compressed air, vacuum or nitrogen requirements.


ADG’s designs offer the Client supplementary options to further Optimize their system to increase long-term ROI, decrease direct operating costs, and reduce indirect costs such as maintenance downtime, machinery failure (due to an inefficient compressed air system), and costly overall production down times.

Other Services include:
 • P&ID (Parts & Identification), drawing takeoffs and Bill of Material (BOM) generation.
 • Budgets & Budget Analysis, ROI (Return on Investment) audit and system optimizations to increase ROI.
 • Turnkey System Design to target cost reduction:
    • direct costs of compressed air system operation
    • indirect costs such as air delivery to floor machinery to which the air is supplied
    • costs related to premature equipment failure due to poorly designed compressed air systems


Compressor Equipment – ADG Concepts works with most world class Compressed Air equipment manufacturers. We are able to specify and supply all of the equipment for your compressed air needs, in accordance with ADG’s design, per customer approval.

Other Equipment– ADG can supply any supporting equipment such as filters, moisture traps, bypasses, oil/water separators, dryers, etc. as a complete turnkey solution.

Pipe and Material – ADG Concepts is a distributor of AirNet PVF and can supply all material necessary to construct your complete compressed air system. We can supply all material through ADG’s BOM Design service.

Since ADG can supply your material, there’s no worry about having the improper amount or lack of material. We will make sure your project is shipped complete.

Kits – ADG will pre-assemble all critical assemblies at our facility, mark the locations on the drawings, and ship all assemblies as kits: boxed & labeled, resulting in a pain-free and efficient installation process.


ADG Concepts supports our Clients throughout the entire process of design and installation of their compressed air system.

   • At the design stage we will work with Engineers, Installers, Equipment Suppliers, and End Users to make sure that the final customer is getting a properly designed, professionally installed, and fully functional Compressed Air System.
    • ADG Concepts will support our Clients in the material purchasing and installation stage of the compressed air system.
    • Our trained field personnel can receive all material at the job site, perform layouts, train Client’s installers on proper system installation, and supervise the install on behalf of the Client.
    • You can have the peace of mind, knowing your system will be correctly installed.


If the client chooses, ADG can perform a turnkey service from design to commissioning of the compressed air system.

     • Once the compressed air system design is approved, ADG will supply all material and installation to make sure that the compressed air system is installed to the highest standard, according to the best practices in the industry.
    • ADG will work with other equipment manufacturers and suppliers to make sure that the air requirements of all machines (delivered to the Client), are adequately serviced by the compressed air system which ADG Concepts is constructing.
    • ADG Concepts will work with all trades required to commission the compressed air system to make sure each trade does their scope of work fully and accurately without compromising the quality and operation in the installed compressed air system.

The installation of a Compressed Air System is a collaboration of several unique trades.
ADG Concepts houses the perfect team!


Designs a system; but compressed air is usually not their specialty. This creates all kinds of gaps and/or potential issues.


Specifies the equipment, but has no control over the installation or overall system design.


Separate crews install the air equipment, air lines and electrical all at different times.

This usually takes place with no understanding of maintenance & service implications.

Which leads to increased service costs, premature equipment failures and production downtime.

The ADG Concepts


An ADG designed system is optimized to get the longest life out of Compressed Air equipment. Working with us, our client gets the best Return on Investment as a result of a properly designed and installed system.


Working with ADG the client minimizes how often the equipment has to be serviced or repaired. Premature equipment failure is no longer a concern.


Eliminate work duplication and change orders. By having ADG plan and run the project, change orders are minimized, resulting in cost savings to the client.


Clients’ facilities remain clean due to a premium system design, avoiding oil spills and dirt buildup resulting from unsuitable system operations.


Because ADG is running the project, it is completed on time and on budget. Unnecessary interaction between the GC, Client and other trades is eliminated, thus saving time.


• OSHA Compliance
• Certified Installers
• Ongoing CE and Training
• Heavy Equipment Utilization
• PPE at every site

With our services, you can offer your clients a streamlined process where every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.


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